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The BARN OWL -a british farmland favourite is in trouble,the BARN OWL TRUST  cliams fewer are nesting in ENGLAND since farming began about 300bc.DEVON BARN OWL TRUST -out of 170 nests normally in DEVON by now only 44 found -most failed or  just a single owlet.BARN OWLS  need prey rich foraging habitat not suppplementary feeding as stated in article found in WESTERNMORNING NEWS -PAGE 14- FRIDAY 27/12/2013.Any one who owns a building or a nestbox containing a roosting BARN OWL is urged to keep a small stock of dead day old poutry chicks and start to put food out as weatther drops below sub -zero.TO HELP OR IF SEE A DEAD OR LIVE BARN OWL-WWW.BARNOWLSURVEY.ORG.UK -WWW.BARNOWLTRUST.ORG.UK


INDU -10 YEAR OLD ASIATIC LIONESS  was treated for a 4 inch canine and permolar extraction performed by DR KERTESZ -one of the worlds leading veterinary dentists .The operation took around  40 minutes.AN adult ASIATIC LION  weighs up to 20 stone  and up to 30 teeth.ACTICLE  I NTHIS BLOG  ALSO ON MYSTERYCAT .BLOGSPOT.UK.


A WHITEHALL department is denying  producing a secret report into badger cull to tackle TUBERCULOSIS.CARE FOR THE WILD-ANTI BADGER CULL CAMPAIGN GROUP cliams to have  evidence of report  that a expanding the culls was already been taken but should be made public,DEFRA  said any report would be a narrowly focused on raw data-IF CULLS SAFE-HUMANE,EFFECTIVE.MY OPINON IS NO CAMPAIGN TO VACCINE BADGERS OR CATTLE IN NUMBERS DUE TO PRESSURE FROM FARMERS.


CRYPTOZOOLOGY ONLINE: Still on the Track: CONFUSION REIGNS WHERE THE GONZO BLOG DOO-DAH MAN ...: The Gonzo Daily - Saturday   The forthcoming year is the 100th Anniversary of the start of the F...


The woman father in thie article spent a year cleaning  up areas of CHRISMAS ISLAND after nuclear tests.He swept irradiated sand, ate poisoned fish,swam in toxic lagoons and died aged 66 of AGGRESSIVE BONE CANCER.The woman has RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS,LIPOMUS,DERCUMS DISEASE and has been told she has the body of an 80 year old believed to be linked to her father being near nukes. A BLOG TO E MAIL IS FAILOUT@BNTVA OR FALLOUTGROUP.BLOGSPOT.UK

Met Office to offer daily space weather forecasts

The Met Office is to begin offering daily forecasts about the weather in space.
The 24 hour service will aim to help businesses and government departments by providing early warnings of solar storms that can disrupt satellites, radio communications and power grids.
The first forecast is expected to be available next spring.
The Department for Business will support the scheme with £4.6m of funding over the next three years.
The Met Office will aim to develop better ways of predicting space weather in collaboration with the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Diabetes risk gene 'from Neanderthals'

A gene variant that seems to increase the risk of diabetes in Latin Americans appears to have been inherited from Neanderthals, a study suggests.
We now know that modern humans interbred with a population of Neanderthals shortly after leaving Africa 60,000-70,000 years ago.
This means that Neanderthal genes are now scattered across the genomes of all non-Africans living today.
Details of the study appear in the journal Nature.
The gene variant was detected in a large genome-wide association study (GWAS) of more than 8,000 Mexicans and other Latin Americans. The GWAS approach looks at many genes in different individuals, to see whether they are linked with a particular trait.READ MORE

Wildlife 'thrived' in 2013 after hot summer

Tree bumble beeTREAD MOREhehot summer in the UK provided a much-needed boost for wildlife with butterflies, moths and grasshoppers all thriving, the National Trust says.
The warm weather also led to an explosion of berries, nuts and seeds.
The trust's Matthew Oates said 2013 was "one of the most remarkable wildlife years in living memory".
But it said a cold, late spring meant badgers and hedgehogs did not have their usual quantity of worms, and some seabirds died from starvation.
'Real cracker' Bees and crickets were among other winners.
The distinctive tree bumblebee - which only began to colonise in the UK 12 years ago - was seen north of Hadrian's Wall for the first time.
Many insects had been scarce last year because of poor weather.
The cool spring also provided a long flowering season for snowdrops, primrose and bluebells.
And in some places, there was an explosion of orchids.

New analysis of ocean currents may solve eel mystery

A new analysis of wind-driven Atlantic currents may help scientists solve a mysterious decline in eel numbers.
These secretive creatures are born in the Sargasso sea but migrate to Europe where they spend most of their lives.
But unexplained fluctuations in the numbers of those traversing the ocean have thwarted efforts to save the species.
Now researchers believe they have built a computer model that will accurately predict the level of migration.READ MORE

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Ups and downs for UK's nocturnal species

A barn owl in flight
Barn owl
67% increase in their range since the late 1980s according to the British Trust for Ornithology's (BTO) recently published Bird Atlas 2007-11
Experts are still investigating why populations have been increasing but point to the provision of nest boxes and environmental schemes on farms as possible factors.
Paul Stancliffe from the BTO describes 2013 as a "lean year" for the birds due to a cold start but remains hopeful for next year's breeding season. A nightjar on ground
Populations have increased by 128% since 1981.
Restoration of heathland habitats has helped the birds to recover from dramatic declines in the late 20th more

Migrating birds lured into traps

UK sovereign base areas (SBAs) in Cyprus have become illegal bird-trapping "hot spots", according to research.
The RSPB and BirdLife Cyprus have been monitoring songbird-trapping operations on the island since 2002.
BirdLife Cyprus told BBC News that, in that time, the scale of bird-trapping had increased by 54%. read more

Royal pardon for codebreaker Alan Turing

read more
Computer pioneer and codebreaker Alan Turing has been given a posthumous royal pardon.
It addresses his 1952 conviction for homosexuality for which he was punished by being chemically castrated.
The conviction meant he lost his security clearance and had to stop the code-cracking work that had proved vital to the Allies in World War Two.
The pardon was granted under the Royal Prerogative of Mercy after a request by Justice Minister Chris Grayling.
'Appalling' treatment "Dr Alan Turing was an exceptional man with a brilliant mind," said Mr Grayling.
He said the research Turing carried out during the war at Bletchley Park undoubtedly shortened the conflict and saved thousands of lives.

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One year  life -old ROBBIE-a former stray from CROYDON,SOUTH LONDON-suffered life threating injuries -severe burns on his face ,head,paws.6 months of skin grafts ,surgery has lead to aifne recovery and a new owner .He gained the  PDSA PET SURVIVOR OF THE YEAR.

Saturday, 21 December 2013

UK bases in Cyprus 'are bird-trapping hotspots'

UK sovereign base areas (SBAs) in Cyprus have become illegal bird-trapping "hotspots", according to research.
The RSPB and BirdLife Cyprus have been monitoring songbird-trapping operations on the island since 2002.
BirdLife Cyprus told BBC News that, in that time, the scale of bird-trapping had increased by 54%.
Although it is widespread, the charity said that some of the largest trapping operations were on UK soil.

Start Quote

Robin in a mist net
A dozen birds can fetch up to 80 euros”
BirdLife Cyprus
These take place on the two British SBAs in Cyprus, at Akrotiri and Dhekelia, sites covering about 100 sq miles that are British sovereign territory and within which the UK maintains a permanent military presence.
Martin Hellicar from BirdLife Cyprus explained that in Dhekelia - in the south-east of the island - organised criminal gangs created "labyrinths" of acacia trees, irrigating the plantations and cutting corridors through them in order to set up long mist nets.
These operations often also use loudspeakers with recordings of bird calls in order to lure migrating birds into the almost invisible nets.
The songbirds are killed and sold to restaurants for the illegal but widely available Cypriot delicacy ambelopoulia.
"A dozen birds can fetch up to 80 euros," a spokesperson from BirdLife Cyprus told BBC News. READ MORE

Neanderthals could speak like modern humans, study suggests

Reconstructed face of a Neanderthal hominid
An analysis of a Neanderthal's fossilised hyoid bone - a horseshoe-shaped structure in the neck - suggests the species had the ability to speak.
This has been suspected since the 1989 discovery of a Neanderthal hyoid that looks just like a modern human's.
But now computer modelling of how it works has shown this bone was also used in a very similar way.
Writing in journal Plos One, scientists say its study is "highly suggestive" of complex speech in Neanderthals.

Start Quote

If Neanderthals also had language then they were truly human, too”
Prof Stephen Wroe University of New England, Armidale, NSW, Australia
The hyoid bone is crucial for speaking as it supports the root of the tongue. In non-human primates, it is not placed in the right position to vocalise like humans.
An international team of researchers analysed a fossil Neanderthal throat bone using 3D x-ray imaging and mechanical modelling.
This model allowed the group to see how the hyoid behaved in relation to the other surrounding bones.
Stephen Wroe, from the University of New England, Armidale, NSW, Australia, said: "We would argue that this is a very significant step forward. It shows that the Kebara 2 hyoid doesn't just look like those of modern humans - it was used in a very similar way."
He told BBC News that it not only changed our understanding of Neanderthals, but also of ourselves.
"Many would argue that our capacity for speech and language is among the most fundamental of characteristics that make us human. If Neanderthals also had language then they were truly human, too."read more
David Coleman
Former BBC sports broadcaster David Coleman has died aged 87 after a short illness.
He first appeared on air for the BBC in 1954, covering 11 Olympic Games from Rome in 1960 to Sydney 2000 and six football World Cups.
Coleman presented some of the BBC's leading sporting programmes, including Grandstand and Sportsnight, and was the host of Question of Sport for 18 years.
He was awarded an OBE in 1992 and retired from the BBC in 2000.
Later that year he became the first broadcaster to receive the Olympic Order award, in recognition of his contribution to the Olympic movementr.i.p please read more

xmas card


A mystery raider was heard at PLYMOUTH FISHERIES ,the staff at first called the police untill an OTTER was spotted tuckinmg into thier seafood stock.The superviser said he had never seen an otter before at the fisherery.


The TURTLE DOVE is one of our fastest declining species due to inhabit,half the area it once was.Its believed  as few as 1,000 pairs by 2020.OPERATION TURTLE DOVE  has been set up to boost numbers.

The Gonzo Daily: Hawkwind review

The Gonzo Daily: Hawkwind review: When 2010 hit, Hawkwind seemed to move into warp speed when it came to releasing new material. 2010 brought Blood of the Earth, and 2012 bro...

Cryptozoology-face book page group

1) The group is about CRYPTOZOOLOGY and CRYPTIDS. That means that you should only be making posts that involve "unexplained and mysterious creatures". This also includes creatures that are believed to be extinct and strange mutations. If you want to post information about ALIENS/UFOS/PARANORMAL/RELIGION then it is not following the topic and purpose of the group. Jokes and humor regarding Cryptozoology and Cryptids are welcomed and enjoyed. Conver...


Researchers-DR HELEN FINDLAY,DR CERI LEWIS took part ii a combined survey via PLYMOUTH AND EXETER UNIVERSITIES-CATLIN ARTIC SURVEY.The study took part in  ARTIC SPRING  and found COPEPODS-TINY CRUSTACENS  may not be able to survive due to seas  becoming more acidic which in turn could impact food chain.Some ares are already experienccing the fastest rates of acidifation on EARTH,combined sea loss ,warming temper
matures,impactcts on marine ARTIC life.


PEOPLES DISPENSARY FOR SICK ANIMALS-PDSA-carried out a survey in the SOUTHWEST,thier found  a third of pet owners are not familier  with the 5 basic needs of thier pets under ANIMAL WELLFARE ACT.1 FEEDING THE RIGHT DIET.2 PROVIDING RIGHT ACCOMODATION.3 ALLOW THE ANIMAL TO DISPLAY ITS NATURAL BEHAVIOUR.4 GIVING A PET APPRORPORIATE BEHAVIOUR.5PROTECTION FROM HARM.The survey found the following pet care standards lower than ever.Too many dogs getting less exercise, too many treats,left alone for more than 5 hours.


LIDI  is selling roo steak over christmas period ,the animals  are cullied and thier  babies ,pouch young will be pulled from dying mother and smashed about the head and discarded.PLEASE DO NOT SUPPORT ,MAKE A COMPLAINT OR DO NOT USE LIDI ,STOP NOW


Well it finally true,a team of JAPANESE boffins claim EARTH is not real but a hologram.Its all taking place in an separate   flatter cosmos whre is no gravity.everything is projected through space and time to form universe.-IBARAKI UNIVERSITY.


Angels - Paranormal Documentary

Proof of Vampires - Paranormal Documentary

drwhotailer hd

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no gardenbirds ot woolsery



This week 3 men from HATHERLEIGH,DEVON embarked ona project to build a TARDIS,then decide it should fly.FLYONIX-name of company-maiden flight was its first and last as the battery ranout and the TRADIS nosed dived to the ground,damaged beyond repair.VIDEO  CAN BE FOUND ON WWW.NORTHDEVONJOURNAL.CO.UK


A brutal image of a GOOSE neck being snapped by a farmer is included in the full version of SAINSBURYS  CHRISTMAS IN A DAY.I beleive this a step too far dispite a view of  CHARITY AID in the article read thier said (IF PEOPLE ARE OFFENDED BY REALITY OF IT,THEY SHOULD CONSIDER A MEAT FREE OPTION)IDIOTS THATS ALL I CAN SAY.PLEASE STOP OR NOT SHOP IN THIS SUPPERMARKET UNTILL ADVERT STOPPED.


CANABIS  in URAGUAY is to be made legal making the worlds first country to legalise production and sale of MARIJUANA.They can grow thier own or buy from approved outlets for 60p  a gram.The scheme is trying to stop violent gangster cartels.


Britian with help  of an 8o million deal with CHINA to supply uk-built robots on board CHINA,s first rocket to the MOON.The mission could help set up a lunar base as a stepping stone to a manned craft to MARS.Something i and others predicted will happen one day,as well as living on the MOON.MARS is 140million miles away from EARTH ,0.145 PER CENT OXYGEN,MINUS 90c TEMPERTURE AT NIGHT.This was sparked with a discovery of water under its surface.


100,s of seals pups feared dead after east coast sea surge have been found alive and well  by NATIONAL TRUST RANGERS who spent wekend searching for GREY SEALS AT BLAKENEY POINT,NORFOLK.


13FT ,1 ton shark called EMMA is being feed by VINCENT CANABEL.Conservationist say encouraging tourist to drive with sharks at TIGERS BAY,BAHAMAS, could protect threatened species


Saturday, 7 December 2013

Petition | Creation of Code of Conduct for Volunteer Programs in South Africa | English

Petition | Creation of Code of Conduct for Volunteer Programs in South Africa | English

Petition | Melissa Bachman: Stay OUT OF South Africa! | English

Petition | Melissa Bachman: Stay OUT OF South Africa! | English

Petition | Stop poaching rhinos in South Africa! | English

Petition | Stop poaching rhinos in South Africa! | English

Petition | Stop the Endangered Whale Show in Karachi, Pakistan! | English

Petition | Stop the Endangered Whale Show in Karachi, Pakistan! | English

Petition | Stop the Annual Seal Slaughter in Canada! | English

Petition | Stop the Annual Seal Slaughter in Canada! | English

Petition | Stop Tattooist's Tattooing Underage Kids | English

Petition | Stop Tattooist's Tattooing Underage Kids | English

Petition | Stop burning dogs alive on Snake Island, Black Sea! | English

Petition | Stop burning dogs alive on Snake Island, Black Sea! | English

GONZO WEEKLY #55: Jon meets Jaki Windmill


A new 90 minute BBC film STAN and OLLIE is going to be about the comic act final U.K tour.It tells how  after split with the producer HAL ROACH ,Also the tour was a success until OLIVER HARDY  died and STAN LAUREL refused to go it alone.


It must be differcult to be born a manor woman but knowing taht you wish to be the oppisite.It does bring out the worse of peoples judgements due to not understanding the turnmiol it causes the person whom wishs to change,but who are we to judge.


OCTOBER 30 1942  after 10 hours a sub U-559 was crippled by depth charges.The british destroyer HMS PETARD crew found a set of keys to a drawer containing codebooks.These enabled  mathematicians at BLETCHLEY PARK to crack the NAZI s navy ENIGMA CODE.


A  mum whom had a cancerous tumour in her womb found out she was having a baby that made the tumour disappear.A doctor said-i have  nver heard or seen of anything like in her career as a doctor.


Gangs of tomb raiders are digging  up mass graves to fuel illict wartime memorabila.Stripping ww1/ww2 soldiers skeletons for badges,helmets,insignia mainly in RUSSIA,POLAND,BALKENS.Even a facebook page WW1-WW2 RELIC HUNTERS(Please get this site of FACEBOOK) shows EUROPEAN  and  GREEK  men using metal detectors to hunt bodies,is is just sick PLEASE STOP

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beast of bodmin part two

beast of bodmin part one

dog can thier pick up on us



The Gonzo Daily: MORE ON THE HAWKWIND SPACE RITUAL SHOW: Hawkwind  Show To Support Animal Charities | News | Prog Magazine Hawkwind's  one-off performance of Space Ritual to be compered by TV ...


A  9 hour search launched on TUESDAY 26/11/2013 after WOLVES escaped the grounds of COLCHESTER ZOO,ESSEX.THE CANADIAN TIMBER WOLVES escaped through a damaged fence at 7.30 a.m,the search ended at 4.oopm after 3WOLVES KILLED,2 were capatuerd in the grounds.WOLVES were wiped out in BRITAIN in 1740 and hunted to the verge of EXTINCTION  in the 1800,s. SMALL  groups of  GREY WOLVES in -SWEDEN,ITALY,SPAIN  have started to repopulate due to CONSERVATION efforts.FRANCE,GERMANY,PORTUGAL,BELGUIM,NETHERLANDS-EUROPEON WLOF POPULATION ESTIMATED AT 16-18,000.


 BLACK RHINO-333 were killed in SOUTH AFRICA alone in 2010.CROSS RIVER GORILLIA -200 -so few lef they suffer loss  of  GENETIC DIVERSITY.AMUR TIGER-400 -has lost 93% of thier habitat.ASIAN ELEPHANT-20,000-dispite IVORY bans ,POACHING is thriving.LONDON ZOO  and UNITED FOR WILDLIFE PARNERSHIP aim to safeguard rare creatures.


HIGH speed filming in usa has revaeled that -OYSTER/SHIITAKE MUSHROOMS release a vapour which cools the air around them ,creating conviction currents.WHICH  generate their own miniature breezes lifting spores into the air ,this spreads over a wide area so new ones can grow


GAMERS blasted XBOX ONE hours after sales worldwide,faults included -FREEZES,MAKES GRINDING NOISES,STRUGGLES TO DOWNLOAD GAMES,43 OUT OF 137  REVIEWS give it  a low 1 star ratiing.


DOCTOR WHO supermo STEVEN MOFFET revealed there is no reason why a woman can not play the doctor in the near furture


MONTY PYTHON are to pick up 1 million each for comeback and set to play 5 to 10 more dates at LONDONS OZ ARENA-TICKETS -27.50 TO 95 POUNDS,THE SHOW IS MAYBE GOING  TO BE CALLED ONE DOWN -FIVE TO GO a refence to late star  GRAHAM CHAPMAN


THE day of the doctor facts-THE 3d episode was screened at selected U.K cinemas at the same time as broadcast on BBC1 7.50PM 23/11/2013.THE syory starts in 2013 at LONDONS NATIONAL GALLERY and in 1562 where murders plot in elizabethan england,while in space ancient battle reaches its devasting conclusion.THE  ZYGONS-SHAOE SHIFTING ALIENS appear and the frist and in my opinion the baddest the DARLEKS

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Woolly Mammoth found Alive Crossing a river in Siberia: Still not extinct?


Irish Loch Ness Monster Caught on Camera??

Jon Downes meets Keith Levine

About Gonzo

About Gonzo went live in October 2010, with the first exclusive being Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman's debut release as a duo "The Living Tree".  Gonzo Multimedia brings you a wide variety of products from a number of renowned artists and record labels, largely spanning rock and pop music from the '60s to today, and the Gonzo catalogue includes 100% exclusive products that are unavailable elsewhere.
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my cfz talk plea

just one more hour

OPEN ALL HOURS is to be aired over christmas on bbc,it is going to be called GRANVILLES and is written by ROY CLARKE  starring SIR DAVID JASON  and LYANDA BARON  as NURSE GLADYS.


AS the picture below shows items of NAZI SOUVENIRS are being autioned on E-BAY  and other such like sites.FROM AWOCHWITZ VICTIMS UNIFORN,CAMP GHETTO JEW NAZI GERMAN STAR,NO i do not agree with this bieng traded but as long as sick people sell it no one will buy.

oswald-lone assasin-luke haay theory

LUKE HAAS -FIREARMS EXPERT did a serious of tests and concluded OSWALD fired 3 shots -2 missed-1 killed JFK.OSWALD used a ITALIAN .65 MANNICHER-CARCANO M91/38 RIFLE,the bullets are rounded which mean their go straight through and keep going.MORE INFO IN THE SUN -PAGE 28 18/11/2013.

warrior dr who -john hurt

JOHN HURT revealedthat his role as the WAR DOCTOR in THE DAY OF THE DOCTOR was one of his toughest challenges.HE found it hard to learn the quasi-scientific nonsense,he says his doctor is a little more stillier an d reflective,little more world weary.THE DAY OF THE DOCTOR -BBC1-7.50PM-23.11.2013


A set of stamps is to be produced by the royal mail to honour ANTONY TROLLOPE-VICTORIAN NOVELIST who introduced the PILLAR BOX to BRITIAN  in 1852 aftee seeing used in france


FIVE year old MILES SCOTT -CANCER PATIENT-got his superhero dream.HE rescued a damsel in distress who was strapped to a bomb ,foiled the RIDDLER as he attemted to rob a bank,stopped the PENGUIN fron kidnapping the SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS BASEBALL MASCOT LOU SEAL

Saturday, 16 November 2013

oh no docotor

TREPANNING-drilling hols through the skull to treat -migrain,epileptic siezures,depression,bipolar disorder.PUPPIES-used to treat cough and chills-new born,gut them,cut off the feet and boil in water-14TH CENTURY DOCOR STBARTS,LONDON.A version of VIAGRA IN 1920 BY A HOLLYWOOD DOCTOR-he removed the testicles from the rich and gullibl e man who were having problems with the woman in thier lives andrepaced them with goat testicles.THICK HAIR-10TH CENTURY- catch a swallow-burn it to ashesunder a tile and apply to affected area.TOOTHACHE-17TH CENTURY- thought was a worm entered the teeth via the gums-hit the tooth and the one causing the least painwas the worm,tooth  then yanked out.

space-oddities-not david bowie

SLEEP-you float in a pod.3  main things to train for -1-contaminated atomsphere in spaceship-2-fire-3-an impact-100 tons of meteor debis a day miss us in space.CLOTHES -carry  no smell or wrinklr,YOU can pee upside down,NO bread  due to crumbs,also you see an enless stas and planets and it not so easy to believe we are not alone.

oddities by ghostmanraines

A  angler in RINGWOOD,HERTS, claimed he wrestled a  catch  from a crocs jaw,exottic pet expert MARK ROUSE said-someone may have dumped a crog as can grow large.Drinking  2 cans of popa day can lead to kidney disease ,increases the risk of the organs malfunction by 10 per cent-OSAKA UNIVESITY,JAPAN.APPLEY NEIGHHOOD POLICE  held an  identity parade with sheep in the line up due to sheep rustling,shepherds bought in to regonize them.142 gils aged 11 to 14 had abotions in ENGLAND AND WALES last year.

kennedy assassination-50 years

november 22,1963 the president was shot and rushed to PARKLANDS EMERENCY AND TRAUMA HOSPITAL ,as surgeons worked worked on hima nurse PHYLISS HALL made a discovery,,a gaping wound on his skull,the bullet had ripped it clean away,it was unusual as it was about1 and half inches long.THE nurse believes that OSWALD was not alone that fateful day.

typoon HAIYAN

ITS is believed this monster storm  that struck the PHILIPPINES will rise into the thousands in death toll,rain and 1 95mph winds caused massive flood,huge landslides;IT also shredded houses and flattened entire towns,it was a natural event across the world in various names which is very sad to watch.

end of an era

Today I have had to stop doing the various blogs i have done due to a site i have used for years suddenly changed how to access information....