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CRYPTOZOOLOGY ONLINE: Still on the Track: CFZ PEOPLE: Introducing the Ghostman

CRYPTOZOOLOGY ONLINE: Still on the Track: CFZ PEOPLE: Introducing the Ghostman: This is Mark Raines. A few weeks before the WW he contacted me on Facebook offering his assistance. He was fantastic at the WW and since t...

oddies in news-or weird stuff

  • people going hungary going upworlwide by a fifth by 2050-oxfam.tattoos may be cancer risk -21 commonly used ink cotain chemicals linked to disease-professor jogan serup.blood test developed that may prevent diabetes upt o 12 years in advance reasearch being done.try out

THE WEEK THAT'S PAST:  I promised new music from Mike Davis
Well, I always keep my promises. Or at least try to. Last weekend he was here for three days from Friday, and we did a lot of recording. No less than five new songs have resulted, and you can hear them HERE.

Mike Davis is one of British music's best kept secrets. Why he isn't a star I have no idea, and when you hear his music you are bound to agree with me! I have worked in what Berry Gordy once described as the "industry of human happiness" on and off throughout my adult life. Thirty years ago, when I was trying to be the Brian Epstein of South Devon, I picked up a hitchhiker called Mike Davis travelling through Starcross. In all my years in the business he is still the most talented singer/songwriter that I have ever met! 

I am lucky enough to have achieved most of my ambitions in life, but the one ambition that I have yet to achieve is to make Mike Davis a star! I have a sneaking suspicion that as we get half way through the second decade of the 21st Century, that his and my stars are finally right!
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More sightings across the south-east

Over the last few weeks there have been numerous reports from across Kent, Sussex and Surrey, with a recent report of a big, black cat at Surrey made by a witness who was lucky enough to have two sightings of possibly the same creature. For more info on the Surrey 'puma' sightings etc go to the sister site of this one by clicking HERE There have also been reports recently of a black leopard prowling Hildenborough. The witness in question had seen the cat on 21st September 2013 at approximately 10:30 am, this being the witnesses second sighting - her first being in July of 2013 in the same more


Sighting of Surrey black leopard

Read more about it at my Surrey puma page HERE

Coast to Coast AM ➠ September 23 2013 ➠ Shamans, Voodoo & UFOs


5 Extinct Animals That May Still Roam the Earth

Friday, 27 September 2013

shark link to big c

sharks blood could fight breast cancer.the predators carry unique protein IgNAR which halts big c cell growth. 2 molecoles-HER2 and HER3- are found on cancer cells and when joined together they signal to those cells to grow and spread IgNAR  antibodies are small enough to bind to the molecules and stop the signal.source-study leader dr.helen dooley-aberdeen university.fron the paper the sun dated friday 26th september 2013

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

army dogs do not retire just shoot dead

I stood by you, I was at your side in the riots, I smelt out the bombs and walked through mines, I stood by you when you felt alone and away from home, dragged people from wrecks, give a lick and wag, I stood by you at the parade, standing strong and full of pride at the end of service what was my reward a nice garden, somewhere warm, no the army shoot me DEAD. Stand up against the killing of army dogs. So far 288 dogs  have been killed, so save them; stand up and be counted; do something today. Don't just sit on your bum.


When I was in secondary school I was asked by my teacher to take part in a play. The play was about Cleopatra and as my name is Mark Antony I was to be the lead and kiss a girl. At this thought I rebelled and ran away. Neither the school nor my mum were happy with this. By the way, my mum fancied Richard Burton in the film Cleopatra so that's how I was named Mark Antony. I hated my middle name for some time but I am all right with it now as at least it makes me known apart from the Ghostman Raines bit, which I became after my diabetic coma in another ghostman blog.


The veil worn by women is not right in the world we live in but the same was said about wearing the cross, as concern about religious beliefs and the so-called PC brigade not wanting people to be upset. I believe everyone has a right as long as their wish to do it for themselves.


Black and white rebel against the injustice of killing us by shot or gas. Unlike Syria we will not get goverment people checking on us. Man brought me to the land centuries ago but I bet you would not do this to them. Please support the Save The Badger Facebook page and watch the Simon Jester video.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Well, it started when I chose to do voluntary work. I was sent by the agency to help out down the nook in Westward Ho! The home was for challenging behaviour and adults with learning difficulties. Whilst I was there I learnt how to deal with people by treating them how I wished to be treated. After some time helping out the then  manager asked if I would like to try out a job at Woodtown House. Woodtown House is for mental health. I went for an interview and was offered a job. At Woodtown I got my NVQ2 in mental health and special needs. I enjoyed my time there. I worked on and off for 10 years, day and night care assistant and at a later date I went to work down the nook, which i really enjoyed. I even got to be deputy manager for a year, and only left due to the closure of the home, which upset me at the time.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

88 police dogs killed-carla story

carla was an ex police dog we had for a couple of years from  the rspca.she was a the normal colouring of a german shephard brown and  black ,easy going,loyal,friendly.she was never any real trouble  but i have 2 funny stories.1 when my wife dad was alive he went to go into the house we lived in bradworhy to use the oilet ,we told im she may not let you out,anyway we had to get him as carla was stood by the door not letting him pass.2 when we lived in torrington we use to walk carla miles one day shane my step-son was down the bottm of the field when i said to carla go fetcth ,she sprinted to the bottomof the field and puuled him down and just lay against him with her legs crossed i was laughed pleas stand up for ex-police dogs like carla and adopt one or make a stand  against the killing of these dogs

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Looking for Bigfoot? New Map Shows Where to Search

bigfoot-mapReported sightings of Bigfoot — the legendary apelike creature that's been a favorite of cryptozoologists for decades — have abounded for decades. Now, for the first time, someone has created a map showing the places where alleged Bigfoot sightings have occurred.
Joshua Stevens, a doctoral candidate at Pennsylvania State University, used data compiled by the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO), which tries to document "the presence of an animal, probably a primate, that exists today in very low population densities," according to the group's website.
Stevens converted the BFRO data and, using geographic-information software, plotted 3,313 data points showing where people have claimed to see Bigfoot (aka Sasquatch, Skunk Ape, Yeti, Skookum or dozens of other names). [Rumor or Reality: Tales of 10 Creatures of Cryptozoology]read more

animal rights

Ghostman Raines

Ghostman Raines

Attenborough: 'the Yeti may be real'

Naturalist Sir David Attenborough has stated that he believes the Yeti may be a real creature.

Speaking at a showcase for upcoming UKTV programmes, the 87-year-old expressed an interest in the legend of the abominable snowman and stated that he believed such a creature could potentially exist in the wilds of the Himalayas.

"I believe the Abominable Snowman may be real. I think there may be something in that," he said. "There are footprints that stretch for hundreds of miles and we know that in the 1930's a German fossil was found with these huge molars that were four or five times the size of human molars. They had to be the molars of a large ape, one that was huge, about 10 or 12 feet tall. It was immense."

Attenborough also went on to provide his views on how a creature like the Yeti may have survived for so long without being officially discovered and recognized by science.

"If you have walked the Himalayas there are these immense rhododrendron forests that go on for hundreds of square miles which could hold the Yeti," he said. "If there are some still alive and you walked near their habitat you can bet that these creatures may be aware of you, but you wouldn’t be aware of them." 

Three Mysterious Creature Encounters Reported From Pennsylvania

Three very interesting encounters with some very unusual creatures have come to my attention recently from Pennsylvania. The Keystone State has a long history of not only observations of Bigfoot, but also of many other mysterious beasts as well. Year after year members of the public reluctantly come forward to report their encounters with strange creatures that aren’t supposed to exist. The following is a summary of some of the recent cases that I have been investigating.

November 20, 2011
The Creature of Mud Creek Road
Troy, Pennsylvania

On April 11, 2012, I received a call from the man who, along with his girlfriend, had a frightening encounter with a strange creature on November 20, 2011, outside of Troy in Bradford County, Pennsylvania. The fellow told me that what they saw “scared the hell out of us”. I was able to interview the woman involved on April 26, 2012. After conducting extensive interviews with the driver and his girlfriend I learned the following more

Strange Beast & Cryptid Sightings 2013

Mystery Creature at the Pond Sept 06, 2013



Wednesday, 18 September 2013


I have been re-inspired to write, look up and feel part of something by a man I met by accident. I was talking to your local pastry kitchen about what goes on down the hall when Stuart told me about Weird Weekend. I then went online and saw that the CFZ were looking for helpers so I went along, feeling a bit anxious when a meet a man called Jon who looks a bit like Giant Haystacks. A posh hippie, he told me about the CFZ and its projects with passion. I then began to think to myself: hey, give things a try just for yourself and if others like it, it will be a bonus. So thank you, Jon.

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Clever computers link up and develop an evil intelligence. A man-made superbug escapes form a lab with no known anti-dote. Global warming accelerates past tipping point. Wars caused by overpopuliation. A huge asteroid hits earth and wipes us out like the dinosaurs. Cyber attacks bring all computers down, leading to society's breakdown. Food supply sabotage sparks riots. Killer virus mutated from animals spreading. Nuclear annihilation following a war from a rogue nation/state/terrorists. So just cosy up to your nearest and dearest and wait.

Saturday, 14 September 2013


I am writing this account to get the experience of my Dad's funeral some airing; to just give my view. It started the night before as I stayed overnight at my sister Nicky's home; she seemed not to make an effort when I tried to talk. Next morning I got suited and booted for the day. As I went to get into the car she asked if I had had breakfast but I had not. Anyway, further on in the trip we had to stop so that one of my nephews could swap due to my niece not able to drive on the motorway. Nicky then got out of the car. Her husband was bemused and got out after 10 mins she came back to our car. No-one talked until we got to Essex, when the funeral car was getting ready. When Nicky got into our old family home she was rude and abrupt with Mum about why the car was outside. Then she left. She then came back to sit in funeral car where due to my movements I accidentally knocked her arm whereupon she shouted at me to not touch her. On the journey to the service this made me fell uneasy. She also brought from her car my bag of clothes and stuff, which I had to carry into the service. At the last part of the service my sister reached over me completely to hold my other sister's hand. At the wake she blanked me and Mum. I felt as welcome as a black man at a Ku Klux Klan meeting. Anyway, this carried on the whole way home; she has not made any contact with my Mum since and I don't like being treated like shit so I have made no effort. Yes. you can say she was grieving but I think this was how she truly felt.


Well, how do we suspend our beliefs whilst watching television, film or plays. Actors make us seem to think we know the people they portray. From ancient times Greek plays, for example, all subjects boiled down to comedy and tragedy. Like with religion, we can't prove the stories told in their various books or aliens or unknown creatures or ghosts. We suspend.

The Gonzo Daily: THOM THE WORLD POET: The Daily Poem

The Gonzo Daily: THOM THE WORLD POET: The Daily Poem: Rob Ayling writes:  "Thom the World poet is an old mate of mine from way back in my history. Even pre-dating Voiceprint, when I was ru...

Ghostman Raines | Spreaker - Be Heard

Ghostman Raines | Spreaker - Be Heard


The Gonzo Daily: Corky Laing: Mountain Legendary Drummer talks abou...

The Gonzo Daily: Corky Laing: Mountain Legendary Drummer talks abou...: Canadian powerhouse drummer  Corky Laing  is essentially associated with rock and roll folklore and as one of the elite drummers in the wo...


The Gonzo Daily: JUDY DYBLE INTERVIEW: For many years and for many people, the name of Judy Dyble had been a mere footnote in the history of British rock – what with her fronti...

The Gonzo Daily: CABINET OF CURIOSITIES: I like Led Zeppelin but......

The Gonzo Daily: CABINET OF CURIOSITIES: I like Led Zeppelin but......: LED ZEPPELIN AUTOGRAPHED POSTER UNIQUE ONE-OFF ITEM FULLY SIGNED by all the members of LED ZEPPELIN The Poster was signed in 1972 at ...

Hairy creature sighting disturbs classes

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Image credit: stockxpert

A school in Botswana was forced to close after pupils reported sighting a small hairy humanoid creature.

The bizarre series of events started around 12 noon when a number of students reported 'a black little hairy creature which resembled a human being.' While none of the teachers saw anything, the sighting caused mass panic among the pupils. Some of the children were so convinced by what they'd witnessed that as many as 10 ended up being treated for shock at a local clinic.

"We will be holding prayers in the school soon after meeting parents and chiefs but for now we had asked for professional councillors to help," said regional eduction director Acro Maseko. One of the teachers put the incident down to mass hysteria induced by the stresses of upcoming exams.

Teachers at Mathiba Primary School in Maun had to abruptly end classes last week Friday after students reported seeing a hairy little creature.

The Strange-ness -- Local Bigfoot Sightings

While the Finding Bigfoot show on Animal Planet focused on Bigfoot sightings in Western NC, did you know that Eastern NC residents have seen bigfoot too? Bigfoot reports indicate the creature also walks the Eastern NC woods.

In Johnston County, only one sighting has ever been reported. Two witness saw a bear-like figure with long arms in July 2002. Greene County residents reported hearing, not seeing, a strange on

CRYPTOZOOLOGY, ODDITIES Chupacabra in the news in New Jersey and Texas

There has been a strange sighting of a strange creature in a suburban New Jersey town – and pictures of it have residents asking “What the heck is that?”
“I saw a strange animal in the front yard,” witness Rob Lyons said.
Lyons had the presence of mind to shoot a picture of the creature on his smartphone.
“It was too small to be a coyote. Definitely not a dog. Might be a cat. Prances like a cat. It was weird,” Lyons said.
NO one has a CLUE? Really? Clue one: it looks like a canid – dog, coyote or fox. The guesses in this piece are absolutely stupid. But the last line gets to the facts – a canid with mange.
This report of the same Ridgeway animal is no better but also manages to hide the logical explanation at the end.
Another chupa story came out of Texas and TOPPED THE NEWS. Seriously!? This is top news?
Topping our news tonight, the possible discovery of the mysterious Chupacabra in the Coastal Bend. The animal was first seen in thick brush a few miles northeast of Falfurrias about a month ago.
The homeowner thinks it was in the area looking for food. One photo shows an encounter with a cat that didn’t seem too scared, yet was not happy to see the strange animal lurking on

The Gonzo Daily: STRANGE FRUIT #45 Playlist

The Gonzo Daily: STRANGE FRUIT #45 Playlist: Ralph Nielson and the Chancellors: Scream Alvin Cash: Funky Washing Machine Decapitated : Day 69 Wild Swans : Revolutionary Spirit Tr...


WEIRD WEEKEND 2013: The Quiz

save the badger

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Apps in Education: 10 Animation Apps

Apps in Education: 10 Animation Apps: I have blogged previously about the power of apps that tell stories as an educational activity. It stimulates higher order thinking skills, ...

Apps in Education: 10 Animation Apps

Apps in Education: 10 Animation Apps: I have blogged previously about the power of apps that tell stories as an educational activity. It stimulates higher order thinking skills, ...

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

the big sleep or offline to the world

well it started with me feeling tired and sick .went to the doctor who said it was an eae infection so i tried to carry on as normal  but began to get worse  to the stage i had to go to bed.i keep being sick and very thristy drinking orange juice and lucazade then my wife became concerned about my wellbeing,from this moment on i rely on my wife-enid-eye witness account.any way the doctor came out  i was talking rubbish and he smelt anitone smell on my breath then called an ambulance.when the ambulance arrrived the frist attempt to get a blood sugar reading did not show so i was rushed to barnstaple hospital a and e a and e my blood sugar reading was 124 so i went to icu.i was in icu -at one point my iwfe was told to expect the worse-ie  was the 3rd week in when i heardd a female voice telling me to wake up then had the most overwhelming feeling to wake up-to this day i dont know who the female voice was or is also i have a tattoo on my right arm with a tribal black sun with karma written in the the hospital i  had to learn how to inject insulin itto my stomach.i  ended up back home where i had to learn to walk again-3 weeeks wastes your musles-and learn about diabetic from the internet ,i then decided to stop eating anyform of pastry,soft drinks,sweets,cakes andd eat more vegiation food-lost weight wentonto metiforrin tabets for  a couple of months  lost more weight now on diet control,i forgot to say i had to go on pure potassium for a short time in hospital as worried about my kidneys.better now but life i s  short so make  it  sweet.mark-ghostmanraines

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

a wing mirror causes ex essex biker weirdo to look like long john silver

it started in 2003 when i car caught my right arm  as going along the road i was hit by a wing mirrror at speeed.the person said sorry and i thought no more of it untill i went food shopping a couple of days later as i entered the supermarket i began to experinence feeling dizzy and unable to balance.there after these problems carried on and off ,i saw  the doctor on a number of occcasions untill i got hospital tests -mri,electic put into arm and leg,brain test,then i saw a specialist how after a few questions and basic tests said i had neropathy-effects my balance,feel dizzy on and off during the day-if you have been on a playground roundabout and just come off after being spun round  this is how i feeel,movements of hands.legs,sometimes my speech is also affected .i have to take tablets  gabapetin 300mg thre times a day and it is perminent


big cats lose in britian by marcus matthews-printed by cfz press.the book looks at eye witness acounts,photos of big cats loose in uk.thier is a lot of eye witness acouts  to read through and it gives  a good feel for the subject.the author gives  a great feel for the passion of his sibjects,please read,if you wish follow mystery cat blog.

Monday, 9 September 2013

2 sweaty blokes,a ring and a angry old granny with a brolly

  1. yes i like to watch wrestling i know people think it s gay but have been a  fan since the days of world of sport.every saturday afternoon  the likes of big daddy and many more,old grannies hitting the heel with thier brollies.then move onto wcw which was on late night tv ,wwe,tna,ecw .i have also watche a few  live british events,i enjoy the good guys vs bad guy set up,yes  iknow its staged but i like the way the wrestlers  can pump up a crowd simalerto a rock give it a try outtt you can wtch for free on challange tv-tna-or pay for on sky -wwe or lookon youtube for matches to watch.even the female wrestlers look good and wrestle hard core now and again

Sunday, 8 September 2013

mysterious cats


woolsery-the place for an ex essex biker who is a bit of a weirdo sometimes

  1. well it s tough being in the fast lane in a little village.1 shop come post office-a chat,medication pick up,a chip shop for your fast food needs.down the road a community hall with various events-cheaper if a local.a school for children up to secoundry school,ponies,tractors,people say hi and a quick friends made and  a small part of the cfz family

Saturday, 7 September 2013

quiet man becomes scary

  1. why does this happen is  due to my o.c.d thougts taking world  becomes into a focus and compulsion to do the task at hand.i then becccccome. agitated ,lose concetion.i begin to become a nasty verbal aggressive,throw objects,hit doors  or walls .people become very scared around me asthere do not know what to d o

great online but windows 8 a bit of a bitch

went on windows 8 today frist time .rally a bit of a bitch as when on laptop mouse jumps to anoher fution may have cured by goins on a exturnal mouse.trying out new ideas ,and may get better

Mystery Cats: UK SIGHTING: The legend of the 'beast of Blue Bell...

Mystery Cats: UK SIGHTING: The legend of the 'beast of Blue Bell...: On the 27th August 2013 at approximately 7pm a woman, accompanied by her two young children and their friend, were visiting a part of rural ...

Mystery Cats: British Alien Big Cats

Mystery Cats: British Alien Big Cats

Shane and Mitzi playing in back garden

MIKE DAVIS: How can I tell You?

The Gonzo Daily: MODIFIED TOY ORCHESTRA: Free Download

The Gonzo Daily: MODIFIED TOY ORCHESTRA: Free Download:

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Usual boring stuff: went to a Catholic school and spent 2 years in the same class. Moved to secondary school and was bullied for a short time until I stood up to them one day in the lunch queue. Nearly got the cane when not doing school project of helping elderly do gardening. Only missed out because, as the headmaster knew, my Grandad was a caretaker at old school. Left in 1979 and worked in a factory dealing in making hardware goods. Nearly got beaten up by one-eyed co-worker for winding him up. Managed to move on to a plastic factory that made brushes - mostly as a tea boy cum labourer. Moved from home to first room in shared house. This is where I meet my first girlfriend, got my ear pierced, got into music and witchcraft, and followed bikers and Hell's Angels around  to feel cool. After split with then girlfriend went off the rails: 2 criminal damage, 1 year probation, drink and mild drugs. Anyway, decide to go training down the gym: circuit then weights; even entered a power-lifting contest (came last). Lived on top in sauna of gym. Fell out with family. Decided felt lonely so put an ad in back-street hero's for a girlfriend. Got a waste of time in Kent: a pervert, and then found present wife. Are you bored yet? Well, wife-to-be came with a bad husband, 3 children, court case, threats of violence, stress, moving a lot until now in Woolsery. P.P.S. got married 15th June 1991; Came to Devon August 1988.


What a weekend that was: meeting new people, helping out. The job's done during weekend: attending meetings, barman, helping to put up marquee, reception, labouring, artstic design, child-minding, usher, helping to set up conference hall. Enjoyed the whole experience and had some interesting debates with the speakers. Must mention that I also got the Golden Baboon award and did the quiz. If you wish to see more go to Youtube and look up Weird Weekend 2013; not bad for an aging ex-moped-riding biker who is a bit of a weirdo.

Thursday, 5 September 2013



end of an era

Today I have had to stop doing the various blogs i have done due to a site i have used for years suddenly changed how to access information....