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spider catchs fly

MIKE DAVIS (featuring Lizzie Rowe): You

MIKE DAVIS (featuring Lizzie Rowe): You

MIKE DAVIS: Drinking Land

MIKE DAVIS (featuring Lizzie Rowe): When One Door Opens


Spacecraft GOCE wieghing up to a ton is set to run out of fuel on monday and willplunge to earth in the next 3 weeks,much of it will burn up ,some may hit the ground as it croosses the earth orbit and land anywhere.EUROPEON SPACE AGENCY.WALLABYS spotted in NORTH LONDONS CEMETURY,looking well fed,staff feeding it beans,carrots ,no clue to where it came from-vedio link WATCH THE WALLABY @THE SUN.CO.UK
Suspected seal seen in appledore believed to be same seal seen last week in bideford estuary.4 eyewitneess accounts mentioned in northdevongazette seen huting,swimming and resting.

midshipman fish

Midshipman fish create humming noise  awaking locals in estuary near HYTHE,HERTS.Its believed to be the males looking for females and it can go on for hours as each male tries to out hum the other-NEW FOREST DISTRICT COUNCIL

cfz news

dog horrror story

dog horrror story

robbie the lion 1)

Monday, 21 October 2013

cfz news -yeti debate update

Paw print twice as wide as a humans foot,new fresh evidence of yeti.Picture taken by MIKE REES-KHUMBU-HIMALAYAS-SUN NEWSPAPER -PAGE 3 -21/0CT/2013.RICHARD FREEMAN -CENTRE OF FOREAN ZOOLOGY based i n WOOLSERY,DEVON -called it a significant -this is not a bear print because the claws would show in the earth-looks kike a primate but not consistant with a known species,yeti more likely a great ape-he also added picture of footprint maybe a hoax.

Sunday, 20 October 2013


BORNFREE .ORG.Uk.Sunday mirror campaign has helped to save dozens of elephants.The money raised is used to stop poaching for ivory.In june the paper reported how the elephant population in BURKINA FASO has been reduced to fewer than 5,000 ,100 were killed last year.Many had faces sliced off with chainsaws while still alive so last inch of tusk could be removed ,a needless death for an animal to suffer.Please donate to ANNS ARMY call BORN FREE 01403-240170

Saturday, 19 October 2013

The Gonzo Daily: STRANGE FRUIT #45 Playlist

The Gonzo Daily: STRANGE FRUIT #45 Playlist: Ralph Nielson and the Chancellors: Scream Alvin Cash: Funky Washing Machine Decapitated : Day 69 Wild Swans : Revolutionary Spirit Tr...

space news

Gaint asteriod could be hurtling towards earth.Its is 1,300ft wide-called TV135.Discoverwd by GENNADY BORISOV-OBSERVATORY,UKRAINE-possilbe strike in 2032

oddites by ghostmanraines

S erial poisoner is feared to killed 9 cats in same street in TILE HIIL,COVENTY.Believed to have been anti-freeze,4 more are reported missing.RSPCA warn that  deliberately poisoning an animal can lead up to a 20,000 pound fine or 6 months in prison.Children are 5 times more likely tonhave high cholestrol if thier mothers has the condition-DR.MICHAEL MENDELSON-BOSTON CHILDRENS HOSPITAL.During ww2 the goverment of the time told pet owners it would be humane to dispose of thier animals.

dog horrror story

dog horrror story

Friday, 18 October 2013

Poem by ghostmanraines

I have a peke, the heart of a lion but small and hairy in statue,laid back like dylan in magic roundabout,little gunts to tell me he is the boss,hungary give me my tea,runs to the gate with a smile,waggy tail looking for a cuddle fron passers by,this is my peke called robbie.

Oddities by ghostmanraines

Ex chief vet of RSPCA suggests dog owners should buy a tv to stop thier pets getting lonely.In te usa dogs have thier own channel DOGTV,thousands of videos of dogs being active.Worlds first wireless pacemaker is coming to britain,private patients only so far, smaller than an aaa battery and the NANOSTISM i s implanted in the heart through a vein in just 28 minutes.50,000 brits grow canabis in thier homes cliams tv documentary-EXPOSURE BRITIANS BOOMIN CANABIS BUSINESS-ITV.also cliam that if you have 9 or less canabis plants in your house you not get a prison sentance.

oddites by ghostmanraines

Slavery in the modern world is hard to fathom and affects peoples lives.Underage drinking is always going to be hard to stop when society accepts this culture,it s time to try to educate the children or adluts of tommorrow before it gets to late.Scientists studied mice to find sleep is needed to release toxins from the body collected during daily life-can find out more on bbc science on this subject

swans beheaded -why -animal welfare

Swans were intentionally beheaded -four swans were found beheaded in cornwall.The birds were found beheaded in RESTRONGUET CREEK near DEVORAN.Police unclear if 2 more birds re in an inaccessible part of this site,found in various states of on spolight news 17/oct/2013 -TONY WHITHEAD was the spokesperson.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

a toads tale

Archaelogists discovered charred remains of toad front legs at dig near is said to be the earlist evidence of a cooked toad or frog in the world.the french first ate frog legs in 12th century,according to records by the countrys catholic church.david jacques-buckingham university.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

animal welfare -dogs

I reconmend the following programme-DOGS-THE SECRET LIVES-CHANNEL 4.It shows what happens when your dog  might do when you go out and leave  him or her alone .Links are -WWW.CHANNEL4.COM/DOGS or CHANNEL4/DOGS.

o.c.d-or help me iam being complied by my thoughts

10 tell tale signs.Excessive cleaning,fearing,being contaminated by germs or dirt.Fixated everything must line up.Handwashing countless times,repeatedly cheecking doors are locked and taps and cookers off.Counting and arranging things in alphabetical or coloured order,hoarding possessions worried you may lose or have taken.Seeking reasurrance and an overwhelming need to confess,repeating  words and aactions to counter obsessive thoughts.Excessive focus on moral ideas,irrational fear of causing harm to yourself  others.O.C.DUK.44 per cent of brits now cliam obsessive compulse disorder and its on a person,education,career and relationships.I AM ONE OF THE  44 PER more on how to cope or deal with illness on site

Sunday, 13 October 2013

elephant facts

Elephants experience grief ,they try to bury thier dead using twigs and leaves to cover the body.Elephants recognise themselfs in mirrors a self awareness very rare in animals.Thier also self medicate,if thier skin gets burnt they thrwo sand on thier backs to protect themselfs,females will chew on leaves to induce labour.Even if thier safety is at risk thier will o out ofthier way to assist others of thier kind,showing signs of compassion not a survival instticts.Elephants do not forget,research shows dominant females build up a social memory as thier get oldeer to help  recognise friend or foe,thier can suffer from post tramatic stress.Thier brian can weigh up to5kg ,larger than any other land  animal.Thier also can learnn to mimi,impressions of passing trucks or commands of keepers.Experiance loy,screaming and trumpeting whena calf is born.Same sex romances are common ,this is in the form of affectionate trunk entwining,kissing,placing tunks in each others trunks.

Saturday, 12 October 2013


Mystery animal 2015 Russie Demon REAL

SAVE OUR PLANET - Mysterious Mass Animals Deaths in Review,

Strange Creatures unknown Sea creatures unusual interesting Animals chup...

Mystery of Ghana whale deaths

CRYPTOZOOLOGY ONLINE: On The Track (Of Unknown Animals) Episode 73


Discovery ofnew evidence of a planetary system similar to ours by studying a dying star-scieniists suggest.S hredded remains of a watery asteroid suggest hunderds of millions of years ago,threr may be earth;like habitable planets.By using the HUBBLE telescope asronomers believe intelligent beings there left a dying planet when thier sun collapse into a white drawf


Do 1 in 20 kids have A.D.H.D.The main symptoms are classified as;Failing to give close attention to school work or activities,Difficulty attention,Not listrening when spoken to,Losing things,Mostly dealt with by a drug called RITALIN.Reasearch has showed that pilss have not consisitently  demostrate a postive impact on quality of life.JOHN JAMES;PYCHOLOGICAL THERPISTS  suggests A.D.H.D is not a brian problem but one forn eihther parenting,schooling,diet,or if child is naturedin wrong enviroment.Side efects of RITALIN are-stress,anxiety,cardivascalar complaints,decreased appetite,stomach problems,dizziness,skin problems,buising.

birds in woolsery garden

oddities by ghostmanraines

Winter warning over risk of worst electricty blackouts for six years due to smaller margin of capacity.New laws on emissions,economic pressure to mothball old power stations  and also gas reserves are dangerously low  during cold spells.Stroking cats can cause stress say researchers.Tests of petted cats to varying degrees and saw stress hormone  reasults ,none enjoyed endless touching-university of lincon.Huge cluster of jellyfish forced one of the largest nuclear reactors to shut down-sweden-OSKEARSLAM;-The jellyfish clogged the pipes that bring in the plants turbines-The jellyfish were cleaned out.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

cfz news-false window sightings in north devon area

false widow  spider sightings in north devon by sereral residents.believed to come across the country as tempertures atract them ito our homes.thier are purple and black spiders which has  have adomenns the size of a 1p peice,generally living in walls ,fences and tree bark.a bite from one can cause swelling,pins and needles and minor chest pains.anyone bitten by this spider ought to visit a and e or g.p imediately.more on story see north devonjournal dated  1o 0ct 2013 page 24 or visit

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

care-who does?

15 minutes that s the time given or allotted for helping people in thier homes..when i was doing a bit of home help it was half an hour and that felt rushed due to the fact you are dealing with people who have various problems,so i think this is disgusting andsomething needs to be done so stand up for your rights.

mental health -not all kilers

headline -1,200 killed by mental patients in last 10 years example given in newspper.but mental health is far too often spoken in terms of aggression and violence.1.2 million people are in trouch with secondary mental health services.i  found through working in mental health most patients are more likely to harm themselfs or be verbally aggessive-scary but life threating.mind is campaigning for better crisis care,its time the nhs mental health services put treatment  and care at the highest quality.also rememember everyone has a mental health issue once in thier lifetimes before you judge thier lives and above headline.

poem by ghostmanraines

my brain is wrapped in barbwire stangling my thouights,depression,obcession rule and thats not cool,my wife has  to deal with my madness,it drives her to dispair and sadness,to live with madness blowing hot and cold,dealt with by drugs straightjacket your thoughts and dampen your sex drive,iwish i was you dear reader of this ode,please let it get better as i grow old.

Monday, 7 October 2013

stepdad not the horror film

It is said being a parent is not easy and I agree. I became a parent instantly as my wife-to-be had 3 children. I have known them from the ages of 5, 6 and 13. It was difficullt at first to find common ground but after some time we gelled. I still find it hard not to get involved in their problems as I care a great deal for them. I also never asked them to call me Dad.

Global Warming - do something about it now

Tthe last 30 years have been the warmest for the past 1,4000 years. Sea levels are higher than 2,000 years ago. World's average temperature is 0.89C higher than 111 years ago. Saltwater has become more acidic since the begining of the industrial age. 2050 could see the Arctic ice free. Man is responsible. Get the governments and ourselves to do more before it too late to repair the damage.

back from the dead or nearly kicked the bucket

lying in my bed almost dead,machines wired to my body,air being pumped into my lungs,nurses,doctors hover over me doing tests,ticking charts,the world carrys on its orbit,i know not of events gone by.wife told to expect the worst,she has faith,i hear a voice in the darkness, a woman unknown,wake up she says,i am overcome with a powerful urge ,i awake,to this day people say it was just electons in my brain resparking,i believe it was a guardian angel,whos to know,its time to live again


When I was unemployed I had to do employment training - £10 extra for this. One of my duties was to go to churchyards and cut the grass, tidy up, sometimes put gravestones back up that had fallen or been knocked down. Whilst doing this I learnt to respect the dead or people no longer with us. Even saw families gather to tidy up the graves of their lost ones. So I think  the idea of placing another coffin on top of an old grave wrong.

1,is abled patients dyingin hospital-do something now

More than 1200 patients with learning disablitities are dying needlessly in hospitals. Doctors confuse signs of serious illness with systems of learning diffculties. Report by mencap the following has been suggested: a better complaints system in hospitals for families with learning disablities, a goverment reveiw board to record deaths and invesigate random cases so disabled get best care, a learning disablity nurse  to be provided in all hospitals to liase with medical staff and famlies, extra training for doctors and nurses, famlies to be briefed and consulted before 'do not resuscitate' notices go up. These are people not their illness. I have worked with learning differculties and found that it is best to treat them how you would be treated. So do something about this, i.e. support the Sunday Mirror campaign, complain to your MP, stand up for their rights as we are all equal. read more

Playing catch-up for ex-essex weirdo

Why was I put back a year at junior school? My headmistress at the school decided to keep me and a girl back 1 year as felt we were not listening in the classroom. This affected me most of my  life as I was playing catch-up at secondary school onward. I think this is what makes me feel insecure or paranoid. I have done stuff wrong and keep being annoying by asking if I have done stuff wrong.


  • Nurse forced to work even when ill. Not new! I had to when a care worker as not payed sick pay. 
  • Skin cancer possible cure with drugs that turn them into a tumour-ipi and anti-PD1s. Prof. Peter Johnson - cancer research
  • U.K.dolphins turned on by music - Radiohead, Beatles, Pink Floyd - get aggressive when starved of music - Dr Horace Dobbs - International Dolphin Watch.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

self promo

this is just a self promo about me.i  help out to do a bit of  bloggig on mystery cats for cfz which i enjoy scaning the internet for items and videos and am surpised at what i find.i also do my own blogghostman which is ino,animal wellfare,poems,and items i find of dear reader of my blogs please enjoy and i hope you find then interesting at least.

CRYPTOZOOLOGY slide show 1

tattoo too far

animal wellfare


stuff by ghostmanraines on GoAnimate

Woolfardisworthy, Torridge

The name of the village is a local curiosity, as its pronunciation (and occasional spelling) differs from what one might expect. On local signs, the village is sometimes marked as Woolsery alongside the original name. This is due to the pronunciation of the village's name being /ˈwʊlzəri/. The name also provides evidence for the power of the written word in conserving place-names: the shortened pronunciation is known to have been in use since the 17th century.[2]
According to the Oxford Dictionary of English Place Names (Eilert Ekwall, 4th ed., 1960), the origin of the name is probably 'Wulfheard's homestead'. The element 'worthy' is from Old English worþig, one of several words used by the Anglo-Saxons to denote a homestead, farmstead or small settlement. Who Wulfheard was, or whether both Devon villages are named for the same man, cannot be known, but the relative proximity of two villages with such an unusual name is intriguing.

Organisationsread more

greyfrairs bobby

Historic Ordnance Survey Map of Woolsery, Devon

Old map of Woolsery

Thylacine (Tasmanian tiger) Paw Print in Mud?

tattoo too far -ch5

Manwolf Dogman Sightings

peolpe thought i was gay.

Whilst i was growing up in between my teens and late twentys most the people who knowed me thougth of me as gay.I surpose i fitted the profile-live at home with mum/dad-no girlfriend,relied on my mum for  clothing and dress sense.I think the main  reason i did not have a girlfriend was i was very shy and did think of woman of being a bit scary dispite having 3 sisters.I did not have a girlfriend untill my late twenties -she was older then me ,I met her at my frist bedsit and we was together for a while-she was a bit odd into witchcraft,chanting,A VEGATION.any way it ended badly when i found out she had another boyfriend plus give me an s.t.i tookthis badly and ended up going array -2 accounts of criminal damage- 1yr took another 2-3 years before i put an advert   in  a bikers mag for a girlfriend-thats how i meet my wife.if you know me you may have noticed i have tatttos ,-5 say dragon -which i liked because i do talk too much and can be a bit boring.but most people in devon thought i was gay i have had i alot of stick ,i do not mind as it me me stronger willed.

dog eat dog meat

vietham-trade in dogs for meat-market traders force feeding dogs to increase weight and price.even hanging out carasses on hooks to display in butchers even resturants have signs showing thier serve dog meat.i know i do not come from this culture but this is wrong so doo something can help by donating to source sun newspaper 5/oct/2013

Friday, 4 October 2013

poem by ghostmanraines

if heaven was a doctors health centre,peter at the reception telling you to sit down and wait,your turn,room is full of allsorts young and old,each has a number,wondering which door is for them,black and cold as hell,blue into the light,the judgement comes but i am unsure for i await for my clock to stop and awit my fate i hhope it will be heavens gate.

ghostly tail

terrified villages tormented by wailing shrieks at night. believed to be a screaming ghost-drekavac.has caused months of sleepless nights in nearby woods by kantari and herzegovina.locals have closed doors and windows,paper in thier ears to block out the sound.prankers are speculated.source -sun newspaper-3/oct/2013.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

cfz news -golden eagle possiible sighting

there has been a number of unconfirmed sightings of a golden eagle in north devon skies over the last few weeks.sergeant dave knight wildlife officer for d evon and cornwall police, sad there were rumours a golden eagle had been seen in the bideford area.he is now urging members of the public to report any sightings of the bird of prey which is usually found in the wild of scotland.item in the north devon journal thursday 26th .september

book review

Recently finished reading Extraordinary Animals Revisited by Dr Karl P. N. Shuker. Full of cryptozoological knowledge like the following: singing dogs, serpent kings, pseudo-plesiosaurs, quasi-octopuses. This  book is an enjoyable read; the passion and knowledge of the writer is easy to see. Printed by CFZ Press. I am looking forward to reading more of this author's work.

end of an era

Today I have had to stop doing the various blogs i have done due to a site i have used for years suddenly changed how to access information....