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first ever at-home meditation video featuring homeless cats

It’s well known that meditation can work wonders for our health. What’s more, thanks to science we now know that cat videos can reduce stress and make us happy. But could the two be combined to create the definitive wellbeing routine that could also benefit homeless cats?
The answer is ‘yes’!
Blue Cross has released the first ever guided meditation cat video. Working with mindfulness experts at London Mindful, the 10-minute video class, called ‘Karma Kitties’, marries the essential principles of mindfulness classes with cute rescue cat video clips and the soothing sounds of cats.
The meditation video features an adorable cast of homeless cats and kittens cared for at our rehoming centres, all showcasing their innate therapeutic powers. Through specific imagery and sounds of cats purring, playing, sleeping and snoozing, the guided class allows the viewer to focus on, and pay attention to, the sensations, thoughts and emotions evoked by the pets. A voiceover from London Mindful guides the viewer through the class, making it suitable for beginners as well as seasoned more and watch video

Being a vampire is good for you.

Most people believe vampires dont exist or only in the story of dracula but in animal world creatures that suck blood do exist
  • mosquitoes.
  • candiru.
  • fish.
  • parasites.
  • lampreys.
  • vampire bats. even plant Rhinanthus minor but it is more commonly known as cockscomb or little yellow rattle.But scientists have found that blood transfusions from young donors can help stop people aging .so far only tested on more

Exercise your willy.

For 80 pounds you can get an exercise kit which comes with a weighted willy ring .The ring is to aid men to build up muscles in their todgers and improve stamina

Spike Milligan - The Best of Q - (Better than Monty Python)

80 years of British family holidays at Butlin's-plus my butlins.

an9585091119_butlins_skeg.jpg“Skegness, 7.23am, platform 4”: the journey opportunity offered on the departure board at Grantham station may not make your pulse race. The train from the town voted most boring in Britain threads an erratic course through Lincolnshire and, on a good day, arrives by 9am at a place sometimes derided as Skegvegas. But 80 summers ago, there were plenty of people for whom the Lincolnshire resort was the closest destination to paradise. 
“Butlin’s Skegness Holiday Camp wish to announce that the camp is now fully booked to the middle of September,” read a newspaper advertisement from 1936. “During the last week over 1,400 bookings were refused as we had no further accommodation available.”
From opening day – 11 April 1936 – Butlin’s had done the the Thirties equivalent of going viral. read more---My butlins holidays were as a a young boy with my family we went to skegness,clacton-onsea,bognor regis all full board apart from once went self catering.Everything was free as all in price and i remember watching wrestling,puppet shows,games, falling into ponds at every site,my dad had diana dors sitting his lap during cabaret .beaver club,good meals i enjoyed it all.

New plastic 5 pound note is marmite.

Fortune Teller Fish - 6cm (each)Like marmite people tend to like or dislike  new 5 pound note,does not fold well,information can be erased by rubber,and some compare to magic fish,fortune telling toy often found in Christmas cracker.

Nurse depression.

No,not a nurse but how my wife Enid feels after visits due to attitude towards her.Enid has done all required by her t o get her health better but due to fact she struggles to use plastic step given to aid to sit in recliner easier due to fact as fallen on several occasions to use it and told to lose 15 stone may take away,visits may stop mentioned .But if need to access transport to doctors can only go whenv taxi not busy -firm based in brad worthy 3 miles away or volunteer car if can book as need adance booking or may come from as far as okehampton.I hate to  see her depressedas i am the one that boosts her up again .

Wife got Mitzi in Will.

This is the true story on how my wife Enid got our Jack Russell Mitzi.When a friend of Enid died she attended a will reading.She felt odd due to only non family member but was left Mitzi on understanding that we tried not to shout at her and show her lots of love.

loin fancies a buffalo bite.

In picture you can see a lion trying to chew on a 1,300 lb buffalo ,in Londolozi,South  Africa,the buffalo got away.

First complete Dodo skeleton is expected to fetch a huge amount when it's sold at auction

The first ever dodo skeleton is to be sold at auction todayThe first near-complete skeleton of a flightless dodo bird to come up for sale in nearly 100 years is set to fetch up to £500,000 next week, auctioneers predict.
The 95% finished composite skeleton has been painstakingly constructed by a man who started buying bones from private collections and auctions in the 1970s.
The collector has now decided to part with the item, which is set to fetch between £300,000 and £500,000 at Summers Place Auctions as part of its fourth Evolution sale in Billingshurst, West Sussex, on November more

Asperitas (cloud)

Beautiful clouds.JPGAsperitas (formerly known as Undulatus asperatus) is a cloud formation, proposed in 2009 as a separate cloud classification by the founder of the Cloud Appreciation Society. If successful it will be the first cloud formation added since cirrus intortus in 1951 to the International Cloud Atlas of the World Meteorological Organization.[2] The name translates approximately as "roughness".[3]
The clouds are most closely related to undulatus clouds.[3] Although they appear dark and storm-like, they tend to dissipate without a storm forming.[4] The ominous-looking clouds have been particularly common in the Plains states of the United States, often during the morning or midday hours following convective thunderstorm activity.[5] As of June 2009 the Royal Meteorological Society is gathering evidence of the type of weather patterns in which asperitas clouds appear, so as to study how they form and decide whether they are distinct from other undulatus clouds.[3][4]-read more

Blockage at remote Eco-Loo.

A Eco-Loo is not coping with the composting waste of 70,000 plus birdwatchers a year on the inhibited island of Honda.Scotland.

Giraffe has a peek.

In this photograph you can see a Giraffe looking into a posh dining room,Nairobi,Kenya.

Save Polar Bear Arthur / Salve al Oso Polar Arturo | Facebook
Save the Polar Bear Arthur / Salvemos al Oso Polar Arturo Sign... ... Michele Yagi Close this mall-zoo-hell NOW and move all the animals to ..... 3) Maybe there could have been more organizedcampaigns with multi. ... Go For Broke Apparel: Arturo, a 30-year-oldpolar bear who was living alone 

Eat Chocolate whilst listening to music will alter taste.

Research by Oxford University scientists showed whilst listening to music chocolate changes taste. Volunteers were played music whilst tucking into chocolate ,soft notes made dark version taste creamier,sharp notes plucked on violin madeittaste bitter.

Kung Fu notes get 20,000 pounds.

The notes were on film star Steve Mcqueen who was a pupil of martial art legend Bruce Lee.

Worst Bruise .

In my time i have had a few bruises but their is one that stands out.This bruise happened whilst doing martial arts ,was holding a pad whilst fellow student was doing a thrust kick which was powerful and sent me to the wall .Over the next couple of days i begin to feel pain and discomfort in my penisand balls when checked were black and blue ,not good but i did recover.

Saturday, 26 November 2016

illiberally random

ไธนๆฏ๐Ÿš•๐Ÿš“๐ŸŽด๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐ŸŽด๐Ÿš“๐Ÿš•๐Ÿ˜ง๐Ÿš“๐Ÿš•ๆฏไธนไธนไธน๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿš•ๆฏไธนว⇼⇰⇰⇅↻⇢⇢⇣⇊⇢⇫๐“€‡๐“€‡๐“€‡๐“€‡๐“€š๐“€ฃ๊”ฃ๊•๊•ˆ๊•ˆ๊”พ฿ฉ฿จ฿จรŠร•ร รซรš

in memory of Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury (born Farrokh Bulsara; 5 September 1946 – 24 November 1991) was a British singer, songwriter and record producer, known as the lead vocalist and co-principal songwriter of the rock band Queen. He also became known for his flamboyant stage persona and four-octave vocal range.[3][4][5] Mercury wrote and composed numerous hits for Queen (including "Bohemian Rhapsody," "Killer Queen," "Somebody to Love," "Don't Stop Me Now," "Crazy Little Thing Called Love," and "We Are the Champions"); occasionally served as a producer and guest musician (piano or vocals) for other artists; and concurrently led a solo career while performing with Queen.
Mercury was born of Parsi descent in the Sultanate of Zanzibar and grew up there and in India until his mid-teens, before moving with his family to Middlesex, England — ultimately forming the band Queen in 1970 with Brian May and Roger Taylor. Mercury died in 1991 at age 45 due to complications from AIDS, having acknowledged the day before his death that he had contracted the disease.
In 1992 Mercury was posthumously awarded the Brit Award for Outstanding Contribution to British Music, with a tribute concert held at Wembley Stadium, London. As a member of Queen, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001, the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2003, the UK Music Hall of Fame in 2004, and the band received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2002. In 2002, he was placed at number 58 in the BBC's poll of the 100 Greatest Britons. Consistently voted one of the greatest singers in the history of popular music, Mercury was voted best male singer of all time in a 2005 poll organised by Blender and MTV2;[6] was elected in 2009 as the best rock singer of all time by Classic Rock readers;[7] was ranked at 18 on the 2008 Rolling Stone list of the 100 greatest singers ever;[5] — and was described by Greg Prato of AllMusic as "one of rock's greatest all-time entertainers," with "one of the greatest voices in all of music."[8]-wiki link-

Unseen HG Wells ghost story published for first time

HG Wells.Here’s a gothic tale for a stormy night: a man called Meredith converts a room in his house into a cluttered and untidy study, and one day asks a visiting friend if he can see anything strange on the ceiling.
“Don’t you see it?” he said.
“See what?”
“The – thing. The woman.”
I shook my head and looked at him.
“All right then,” he said abruptly. “Don’t see it!”
This is the beginning of a newly discovered HG Wells ghost story, called The Haunted Ceiling, a macabre tale found in an archive that Wells scholars say they have never seen before. It will be published for the first time this week, in the Strand magazine.
The story was discovered when Andrew Gulli, editor of the Strand, heard that the University of Illinois held a substantial archive of Wells’s works. He promptly hired an assistant to photocopy hundreds of manuscripts and sorted through them to see if he could find something new.
“Initially, from the titles of the manuscripts, I thought I happened upon lots of unpublished works, but those thousands of pages were narrowed down to this delightful story,” Gulli told the Guardian.
He called it “a vintage Wells story – you have a supernatural event, characters with two schools of thought on the event, [and] the literary type versus the scientist. This reminds me of his story The Red Room, but we have a more of a -read more

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Am i Zombie .

NO not flesh eating monster but person not allowed to  show emotions.I seems weird statement but sometimes i feel this way in my head.This normally when for no reason or perhaps like sponge soak feelings up until full .i self destruct -nasty verbally aggressive .The Zombie is due to the massive guilt afterwards as feel unable too show emotions due to upset or scare people ,Zombie is i.i am z Zombie.

Bits not so sickie.

I n a poll of European workers us British throw a sickie less than the French.sickie
  1. 1.
    a day taken as sick leave when one is not actually ill.Here is list 1 FRANCE .2 GERMANY,3 BELGIUM,4 SPAIN,5 ITALY ,6 IRELAND 7 U.K 8 DENMARK 9 SWEDEN 10 HOLLAND.So wexare notthebad workers the world thinks we are.


I find it strange how people treat you due fact using a walking aid .Due instantly people presume you are not capable of doing a lot  or become as if talking to a older person,uncool.

Firefighters help rhino at Edinburgh Zoo with toothache

Pic: Scottish Fire and Rescue ServiceFirefighters have described "one of the strangest" rescue missions of their careers - helping a rhino at Edinburgh Zoo with a toothache. 
Newcraighall fire station's crew were needed to move two-ton Bertus to a safe place in which vets could operate.
The eight-year-old animal was first sedated and then winched to safety in a challenging and complicated process.
Station manager Willie Pollard said: "By jointly working with zoo staff, we were able to formulate a plan which involved winching and pulling equipment, using techniques normally used for either road traffic collisions involving heavy vehicles or in the event of a building collapse.
"These techniques allowed us to reposition the animal, thereby creating a safe working space for the dental team to repair the tooth."
Simon Girling, head vet at the zoo, said: "We are incredibly grateful for the help of the fire and rescue crew.
"Bertus's operation was a great success and even though it was a minor tooth operation, it involved a massive team of people all working -read more

Why i dont deal with money.

I rarely carry money the reason being years ago on the way home from work across bideford long bridge i suddenly had the urge to throw my weekly earnings in the River Torridge -i did ,t.I informed my wife who from that moment dealt with all my money,only get if require.

10 commandments sold

A ancient tablet -2 ft - by 2 ft  ,marble slab dating from 4th century was sold for 818.000 pounds. Believed to be the oldest with complete inscriptions.

DRIVING US NUTS' Pet squirrel causes travel chaos in south London after getting trapped in one of the carriages

TRAINS in south east London were delayed tonight due to a rogue squirrel getting trapped in one of the carriages.
The driver is understood to have stopped the train to allow the owner to rescue the pet after it got stuck in a vent under a seat.TRAINS in south east London were delayed tonight due to a rogue squirrel getting trapped in one of the carriages.
The driver is understood to have stopped the train to allow the owner to rescue the pet after it got stuck in a vent under a more

Philosophy of The Simpsons.

You can take a 30 pound day course at University of Glasgow to examine lives of Homer and family as induction to Philosophy.Matt Groening  -creator of Simpsons -was a Philosophy student.

Dippy the Diplodocus goes on tour.

Step into an incredible world of dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum and see Dippy in London one more time.
In early 2017, the iconic Diplodocus will leave its current home in Hintze Hall to prepare for a tour of the UK.
Before Dippy goes, see all the dinosaurs together, from the roaring T. rex to new additions like the Stegosaurus and the feathered Deinonychus models.
Explore the evolutionary past of the dinosaurs, discover the different time periods they lived in and see world-famous fossils and lifelike models.
Sort the facts from the myths and find out what the Museum's scientific research has taught us about these prehistoric giants.

Museum dino stars

  • Dippy, the iconic cast of a Diplodocus carnegii skeleton
  • the most complete Stegosaurus fossil ever discovered
  • an Iguanodon - one of the first species ever described as a dinosaur
  • a towering, animatronic T. rex
- See more at:


NINTCHDBPICT000282255495GIANT mutant rats the size of cats have left residents living in fear after invading an entire row of terraced homes.
More than a dozen homes have been plagued by the massive, foot-long rodents which have been scurrying through gardens and lofts.Mum-of-three Melissa Gillingham is terrified that the huge beasts, which are known to spread disease, may bite her young children.
The huge rats’ sudden appearance are believed to have been caused by a mains water supply leak in the road, in Northfleet, Kent.
Melissa, 23, said: “About two weeks ago we first noticed it. We started hearing them scurrying around when we were in bed.
“When we spotted one we went and bought a trap and we managed to catch more

Holsworthy my kind of town.

Like all places has its high and low lights and this post is just my personal view.Highlights-my bungalow is situated within easy access of town centre  and its shops, post office sorting office ,2 schools,park,skate park ,leisure centre . Lowlights-transport if need-to access towns farther away due bus timetable and time of wait and journey,long walk to access hospital and health centre -20 minutes average-people are helpful and friendly and fair low crime .

Fashion not my bag,man.

I have never been a slave to fashion or latest tread.I just put on clothes i like and normally wear t-shirt,vest,pants ,joggers ,no socks if hot or mild,jumper and socks if cold.Most brands paid minim to get made-and cost alot.

How do you make a rat laugh? Just tickle it, say scientists

Happy rats love to laugh: Scientists have found that rats ‘enjoy’ being tickled – but only if they were already in a good moodAssociated with the plague and demonised in novels such as George Orwell's 1984, rats don’t have the best of reputations.
But the vilified rodents are known to giggle.
Now scientists have found that rats ‘enjoy’ being tickled – but only if they were already in a good mood.
Researchers at Humboldt University of Berlin identified neurons in rats’ brains linked to ticklishness and laughter and by stimulating them, were able to elicit a chuckle from the furry creatures.
The finding suggests the somatosensory cortex - the brain region where the neurons were located - may play some role in mood.
It was previously thought this brain region is primarily associated with the sense of touch.
The study, published in the journal Science, builds on previous work in which it was discovered tickling rats causes them to laugh at high frequencies that are inaudible to humans.
While tickling is easy to do, how the sensation reaches our brain is unclear.

Read more:
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History of Southend United F.C.



Chart of table positions of Southend in the League.
Southend United F.C. was formed in 1906 and played in the Southern League until 1920, when they co-founded the Football League's new Third Division; they finished 17th in their first ever season. In 1921, the Third Division was regionalised with Southend United joining the southern section and here they remained until league re-structure in 1958. Southend came close to promotion twice when they finished 3rd in 1932 and 1950, the club's highest league positions until 1991.[1]


Southend United joined the new national Third Division in 1958, where they remained until 1966 when they suffered their first ever relegation, into the Fourth Division. The club had to wait six seasons until 1972 to experience the club's first ever promotion as runners-up behind Grimsby Town. In 1976 Southend suffered relegation again before taking another runners-up spot behind Watford in 1978. Another relegation in 1980 was directly followed by one of the most successful seasons in the club's history as they won the Fourth Division Championship in 1981, breaking a series of club records in the process.[1] Despite success on the pitch and low admission prices, the club's gates were low and condemned as "a bad reflection on the town".[1](p72)


Many of Southend United's most gifted players were sold due to a financial strain.[1](p74) In June 1983 Anton Johnson, a local butcher who was also chairman of Rotherham United,[1](p74) bought 44.9% of the club from the Rubin brothers. The club was already £250,000 in debt.[1](p147) By August 1983 Dave Smith had been replaced as manager byPeter Morris who lasted until February 1984. On his arrival, Morris discovered that he had a squad of only ten players.[1](p121) Bobby Moore was installed as chief executive with Andrew MacHutcheon as chairman. The club were relegated into the Fourth Division in 1984 with Bobby Moore as manager. One of the club's darkest hours saw a season read more

Texting can give you silly walk.

A study at the university of delaware ,u.s.a showed that people texting use a over the top walk to step over obstucles. negotiate crowds due to diminished vision.This study involved using motion cameras whilst  volunteers dialed a number  whilst on a treadmill for 2 minutes ,not many made errors due to texting rather than walk properly.

Monks graves found.

In the 12 th century fountians abbey,ripon,York the graves of 500 cisterian monks and lay brothers.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

me mark am a idiot first class

dippy goes on tour

The shifting sexual norms in Japan’s literary history

More than 3,000 women and 900 men — that’s the number of lovers the main protagonist in Ihara Saikaku’s 1682 novel “Koshoku Ichidai Otoko” (“The Life of an Amorous Man”) tallies up as he reminisces. Saikaku, born in Osaka in 1642, became a renowned poet who wrote about the fluid, open sexuality of Edo Period (1603-1868) pleasure quarters with a startling lack of inhibition: In the 1685 collection of stories “Koshoku Gonin Onna” (“Five Women Who Loved Love”), he explores the love lives of feisty females; in “Koshoku Ichidai Onna” (“The Life of an Amorous Woman”), published in 1686, he includes a brief lesbian scene; and then there is “Nanshoku Okagami” (“The Great Mirror of Male Love”), a 1687 collection that focuses exclusively on love between men.
The sexual openness of Ihara’s characters seems to be profoundly out of place in contemporary conservative Japan. Today, the recognition afforded to the LGBT community is hotly debated in the country, and though traditionally conservative nations such as Ireland have legalized same-sex marriage, Japan is lagging behind. A recent legal ruling even rejected the right of partners (in practice, women) to keep their surnames after marriage, as a means of protecting “traditional family values.”
Though Japan’s current social conservatism appears at odds with the West’s liberalizing tendencies, it’s also at odds with the nation’s own past. Writers, stretching from Ihara to modern authors such as Natsume Soseki and Yukio -read more

as seen on children in need -doctor who xmas special 2016

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Leprosy revealed in red squirrels across British Isle

Red squirrel with leprosy on its ear and muzzleLeprosy has been found in red squirrels across the British Isles and scientists believe they have been infected with the disfiguring disease for centuries.
The endangered animals carry the same bacteria that cause the human disease,research has revealed. This results in lesions on their muzzles, ears and paws, adding to the sharp decline in their numbers caused by invading grey squirrels, which appear immune to the disease.
It is possible that humans have caught leprosy from red squirrels in the past, as their fur and meat was once prized. But the last case of leprosy contracted in the UK was in 1798, indicating the risk is now extremely low.
“We should be even more concerned about the squirrels now and not frightened of them,” said Prof Anna Meredith, at the University of Edinburgh and one of the more

Flaviu gets Willow as mate.

If you remember  the 2 year old lynx.. Flaviu ..that escaped Dartmoor Zoo earlier this year has now got a girlfriend.She is a 8 year old called Willow ,a special fence has been erected to stop physical contact until the big cats are comfortable with each other .


I can not say i have never been racist as that would be a lie. i can only  say that i was treated as being gay for years as no girlfriend when young due to being shy.As for racism i did once say a comment about Pakistan people for which was barred from local gym in 80s rightly so i now try not too judgex

loo of the year awards.

The awards have a simple objective, namely, to encourage the highest possible standards in all 'away from home' or public toilets. Everyone has a shared responsibility to make this happen – toilet providers, managers, washroom suppliers, contractors, staff, visitors and customers – all toilet users.
The Awards are owned and run independently and since their introduction in 1987 the annual Loo of the Year Awards competition has helped focus the spotlight on 'away from home' toilets. It is now considered as 'the loo standard' and the Awards are supported by the national tourism bodies of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Jersey.
Any type of 'away from home' toilet can be nominated or entered in the competition, in any of the sixty separate Awards categories listed on the entry form. Entries are accepted from anywhere in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Isle of Man, and the Channel Islands.
Anyone can nominate - staff, customers, visitors, managers, owners or contractors. Entries need to be authorised by owners or managers to guarantee payment of relevant entry fees which cover the inspection visit(s) etc.
Each entry is fully assessed against established judging criteria, covering both male and female facilities, as well as any baby changing, accessible and/or Changing Places facilities. All entries will receive a grading; Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum, following an unannounced visit by a fully trained and authorised Loo of the Year Awards Inspector.
The Attendant of the Year Awards form part of the annual Loo of the Year Awards but ---read more

Seagull-proof sack call to avoid 'annual menace'

SeagullResidents in a coastal area in south Devon have been advised to use seagull-proof rubbish sacks to prevent birds scattering litter.
South Hams District Council provides bags free to homes without wheelie bins or where waste lorries cannot access.
It said the bags were "a simple but effective solution to the annual seagull menace".
The council said it was working to arrange waste collections to avoid bags being left out longer than needed.
Rufus Gilbert, the council's environment services executive member, said "only takes one property not use them and the seagulls get to work, making a mess."also local  coastal
 town of Ilfracombe are thinking of investing in these bags. The bags  have a  secure velco  fastening.tie at back ,weighted base .As is known seagulls are scavengers  sosee open bags as free food so partly our fault.

Coping with Norovirus

Norovirus is the most common stomach bug in the UK. The ‘winter vomiting’ bug, as it’s also known, causes nausea, stomach cramps, vomiting, watery diarrhoea, raised temperature and aching limbs.
It also spreads incredibly quickly, so avoid public places if you’ve been struck down with symptoms. It’s particularly important to steer clear of GP surgeries, hospitals and care homes to protect already vulnerable patients from the virus.
Unfortunately, there’s no cure for Norovirus, so it’s simply a case of letting it run its course [symptoms usually pass within 48 hours].
But if you or your child do experience sudden diarrhoea and vomiting, taking the following action can ease symptoms:
  • Drink plenty of fluids to replace the fluids lost from vomiting and diarrhoea – pharmacies supply special rehydration drinks made from sachets. Babies should continue to feed as normal
  • Take paracetamol for any fever or aches and pains
  • Get plenty of rest
  • If you feel like eating, plain foods such as soup, rice, pasta and bread are best
While there’s no specific treatment for Norovirus, babies and young children are more at risk of dehydration. So, if you’re concerned or need more advice, you should get in touch with your GP or call NHS 111.--read more

When is a photo yours?

A recent argument as made me question who owns rights to a photo.Example using old family photos when were younger or use from facebook  .Here is what research brought up ... wnership of digital photos is a thorny issue, not helped at all by the difficult legalese that Omakes up most online terms and conditions.
With many popular social networking and photo sharing websites, you may 'own' your digital photos, but once you post them online, you give the site the right to use them how it wishes.
The photo application Instagram, owned by Facebook, caused a commotion when it changed its terms and conditions to state that it had the right to sell users' photos to advertising partners. 
The UK government has also not helped the issue by passing changes to copyright laws that could make it easier for media companies to claim ownership of, or at least use, images posted online.
So just what are your rights with the various photo-sharing sites and social networks? We've waded through the hellishly long terms and conditions for some of these companies to see what they mean for you.
Instagram's stance boils down to the uneasy difference between ‘ownership’ and ‘license to use’. 
Post a photo to Instagram and yes, you do own it. But Instagram has the right to use it in its promotional activities, and it can transfer or sub-license this right to its partners.
To put it another way, it’s your car. But park it in the Instagram garage, and you give Instagram (and its friends) a spare set of keys and the right to go for a drive whenever it likes.
But a further clause reveals that this relationship doesn’t work both ways, and you're not free to help yourself to any old content on Instagram that isn't your own. 
As the owner of Instagram, it's no surprise that Facebook's take on content ownership is the same. 
As a Facebook user, you own any content, including photos, that you post online, according to its terms. However, it also states in its T&Cs that you give it the right to ‘use’ your content, and this right can be transferred or sub-licensed to its partners.
According to the T&Cs of both Facebook and Instagram, any profit that is made as a result of using your content will not be shared with you.Twitter
It’s a familiar story over at Twitter’s T&Cs, with the same language being used around adapting, modifying, distributing and using your content, which includes any photos you upload.
By signing up to Twitter you agree to let it 'use, copy, reproduce, process, adapt, modify, publish, transmit, display and distribute' any of your content, including photos that you post. 
Once you post a photo to Twitter, it’s perfectly within its rights to use that photo for its own purposes.
Even photo-uploading stalwart Flickr isn’t immune to the legalese around rights to use your content. 
Post a photo to Flickr and you give Yahoo! a right to 'reproduce, modify, adapt and publish' your content, though only for the purpose of promoting its own services.
Behind the legalese
With a lot of online photo-sharing sites, the same legal terms keep cropping up. But what do they mean for your content?
It's a complete catch-all. There’s not much of a limit on what ‘using your content’ could boil down to, and it puts plenty of rights within the hands of the service.
Again, these terms could cover a lot of ground, for example cropping an image to show only a part of your photo rather than the whole thing if it were used as part of a promotional campaign.
These terms allow the services to use your photos in promotional activities such as advertising campaigns, although it’s unlikely you’ll see your photo on the side of a bus poster.
This lets the service transfer the rights to your photos to any partner they may work with now or in the future – for example, an advertising partner.
If any profit is made as a result of using your photo, you won’t be seeing a penny for it .

end of an era

Today I have had to stop doing the various blogs i have done due to a site i have used for years suddenly changed how to access information....