Sunday, 7 May 2017

Do I wish to be on television.

I found the other day through twitter a person called Karl Risby who is a producer at I. T V studio. I messaged him about how could I get into television and over a couple of days he rang me up to ask some questions. He then asked if I had heard of a show called judge rinder as this was a good way to start off in TV as end of week do lighter cases as a bit of fun and if you win your case you keep the cash, travel costs are paid for and if you are liked you can get on other shows like coach trip or Britain got talent . I mentioned to him that no one owned me money but he said it could a friend who broke some things of yours or or something interesting as long as  real. The show is based in Manchester and if this tickles your fancy you can look up Karl Risby on twitter or ring 0161 952 0732 and give it a whirl. If you do get lucky please mention me as a thanks.

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